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➡️ Attention painters, dancers, musicians, writers, film makers, crafters or artists practicing any art form ⬅️

This arts-business e-course has been created especially for YOU!

Together we will get you on track to your dream arts business or career.

✅ Want to give yourself the best chance of making money from your creativity.
(because you’re sick of struggling to pay your rent, are suffocating in your day job and know what you have to offer is of value!)

✅ Longing to stand out in an industry teeming with talent.
(because there are so many amazing people out there trying to make it in the arts and you don’t know how to get noticed)

✅ Driven to share your creating with more audiences, fans and customers.
(because you love what you do and want it to reach more people, make you money, change the world, make people happy, improve lives!)

✅ Inspired to create with total clarity and authenticity.
(because sometimes you lack focus, feeling pulled in many directions, unsure of exactly what you want or how to make the art you’re most passionate about)

✅ Ready to shift up a gear with your arts career.
(because you want to be the most professional creative you can but business strategy doesn’t come naturally and you need help to up the ante)

Just like I’ve done with hundreds of artists before, let’s work together to get you thriving in the arts!

LATEST NEWS!  I am working hard in partnership with a number of government organisations to bring this e-course to creatives impacted by Covid-19.  It will include a live virtual element and online support group to keep us all extra connected in this time.  Our aim will be to see the usual price of $595 significantly discounted and in some cases waivered.  If your local arts organisation would like to learn more please invite them to email me on so we can turn this enforced down time into the ultimate opportunity for your creative life and business!

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